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The Future is Freelance

Allen Matsika
Allen Matsika

How can the freelance world adopt some of the corporate good of team and collaboration?

Well, it turns out, many companies have beat freelancers to the push. Some companies have started hiring freelancers as a significant part of their workforce. It is an interesting phenomenon because it creates a contractor type of situation. Like Uber and other rideshare companies have notoriously adopted. Now, there are many reasons why this may not be widespread some of them legal. But it is clear that the future of work is in a significant way, freelance.

I read an article, once, which encouraged employees to consider themselves as contractors. That is, to behave as contractors and think not only of what they are earning but who they are becoming. This meant taking an inventory of one’s skills. Digging deep to reveal skills possessed and those currently being acquired. Then to think of oneself as selling those skills and one’s time to one’s employer. To see oneself as a business. This would allow many employees to start seeing clearly the possibility of a side gig. Namely, the possibility of freelancing, which opens one to more earnings. Becoming a freelancer positions one to become self-employed. Which can later develop into one becoming an employer themselves.

The great resignation is in part, a symptom of people seeing themselves as businesses. Seeing themselves as independent contractors. Seeing themselves as individuals who trade time and value with their employers (clients). While receiving some value from their employer including money, freedom, and other benefits. Many have felt the disparity between what they believe they are providing and the value they are receiving in return. Something a freelancer and self-employed person would be assessing constantly. Since these individuals have a business to run. The great resignation shows that people are evolving into freelancers. At least in mind. Opting to pursue passions where they can be creative and autonomous. Some are then turning back and reaching out to the very companies they resigned from. To whom they offer the same or different services. They are becoming, freelancers.

More and more companies are struggling and downsizing. Freelancers offer an affordable solution to their bottom line. And many are hiring freelance remote workers as stated before. Yet we know, most freelancers work as individuals. If freelance is the future of work, what are we to do with a world full of complex problems? It is my belief and the opinion of many others that all the simple problems of the world have been solved. The world is now left with complex problems. Challenges which require people to come together to solve them. If people are becoming more and more prone to become freelancers – and most freelancers work alone – what are we to do? The future of solving challenges is collaboration.

It looks like, freelancers need to normalize collaboration. Already, by being hired by corporate companies, freelancers are forced to collaborate. But they also lose some of the autonomy of being freelancers. They can even turn into glorified employees. But there is a way freelancers can remain freelancers while collaborating. That is by banding together and forming collaboration pods. This allows them to maintain autonomy even as they work for a corporate company.

By banding together freelancers can create more value through complementary and diverse skills. They can even turn themselves into a turn-key team or solution. Rather than individually providing a piece by piece to a client. By banding together freelancers can also gain a leg up when it comes to negotiations. All the while enjoying the benefits of community usually provided corporate. They also get to enjoy the autonomy of being freelancers. This is what we are working on at Collabokit. Will you join us and share your thoughts?

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